Monday, September 21, 2009


Reebol Hockey Sticks

The Reebok 9K O Stick is built with a unique O Technology which is said to generate more power than any other one piece hockey stick on the market. The Reebok O-Stick features power ports that increase stick speed and kick while also dramatically stabilizing the shaft. So this way you can put the maximum amount of energy transfer to the puck with every shot. It comes down to a harder, more precise shot. Every time.

The Reebok 9K O-Stick is built with O-Technology, which is basically a unique shaft with holes in the lower portion to increase stick speed, kick and stabilize the shaft. The O-Technology in the RBK 9K O-Stick will harnesses your power so you can deliver deadly, more precise shots to the best of your ability. Buy the Reebok 9K O-Stick for a price of $230 - 250 (US) and see for yourself why pros like Detroit Red Wings center Pavel Datsyuk use it!

Portable 22-Foot Backyard Ice Hockey Rink

Who has there own Backyard Ice Hockey Rink in their backyard? Well maybe pro hockey players, but now u can too. The Portable Backyard Ice Hockey Rink comes in 15-Foot, 19-Foot, 26-Foot, and 37-Foot versions and features a frame locking system, a patented rigid PVC frame to protect the liner, a vinyl liner to protect the grass underneath, and an included instructional video and vinyl repair kit. All you have to do is wait two to three days of consecutive freezing temperatures to get around 2.5 inches of ice and your set to play! This Portable Backyard Ice Hockey Rink should be around for a price of $350 - 400 (US). Do not pay more!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Beginner Tennis Rackets - Head Liquidmetal 4

Beginner tennis rackets like this Head Liquidmetal 4make for great medium-powered racquet and offers a dampened and comfortable playing feel. These beginner tennis rackets use Head's latest LiquidMetal technology as well as Head's proven TwinTube technology, both which are designed to give the racket more power. LiquidMetal is placed at the 10, 2, 4 and 8 o' clock racquet head positions in what Head calls Total Sweetspot Construction. Total Sweetspot Construction incorporates a corrugated construction to further increase stability in the racquet head. The LiquidMetal 4's broad appeal among intermediate players places it firmly in the "tweener" category. Offering a near even balance, the LiquidMetal 4 is a step away from previous head heavy "tweener" offerings. We found a controllable amount of power, a comfortable feel and an easy to maneuver racquet. During playtests, we found even shots struck near the frame came off the racquet with surprisingly little shock. The LiquidMetal 4 should appeal to 3.0 to 4.5 level players looking to add some power and a comfortable feel to their game.
Good one for beginner, but do not pay more than $80 for one racket! Shop around, I am sure you'll be able to find this one for $60-70 max!

Head Metallix 6000 Badminton Racquet

Here's a Head metallix 6000 review so you can choose the right racket to star on the court. Head Metallix 6000 Badminton Racquet is made of a specially designed matrix of carbon fibers and a new crystalline metal alloy, promoting a stronger, more durable frame with minimal torque and increased speed, power and accuracy. The racquet also features a high modulus graphite shaft with 2-piece molding.
The cost is around $100, it's good one but do not pay more, guys!

Artengo Funnyten Introductory Tennis Set

Winner of the 2008 Red dot Design Award, the Artengo Funnyten Introductory Tennis Set is an introductory set to learn how to play tennis. To teach the player to acquire the ability to hit the ball from the cener of the racket the Artengo Funnyten Introductory Tennis Set does not have strings arranged in squares, but is made up of areas pointing like arrows towards the middle of the racket. The lightweight rackets also has foam handles, which are comfortable and easy to grip, and come together with a cover and a foam ball. The set includes 2 light racquets and a softball. Best of all It’s light, you can take it anywhere, and it comes with a cool sporty bag.
Find this on sale now, it should be soon. The regular price will be dropped within a month! Anyway it's very good, but last season model...

Saturday, September 5, 2009


New Surfboards and Paddleboards for Sale by James Perse

These new surfboards and paddleboards for sale by James Perse are classically designed and hand shaped by one of Southern California's most reputable shapers from the 60's. The new surfboards and paddleboards come in a limited production and hand-crafted personal touch make for a performance board offering versatility and accuracy. They are available in 7' - 9' 6" sizes in white and black. The James Perse Paddle Boards, also hand shaped by the same notable shaper as our surfboards, are excellent for cross training and core strengthening offering an excellent ride. These boards are simple and timeless in design. They are available 10' - 13' sizes in grey.

Handmade Surfboards by RAYSKIN

These Handmade Surfboards by RAYSKIN are sporty works of high-end art handmade from exotic woods and individually surf-tested before being re-finished and sold. Check out the site for more pictures of these sick designs! You can buy these Handmade Surfboards by RAYSKIN for a price of $8k-$20k. (Not so cheap, yeah?)

Stand Up Paddleboards - Maverix 12' Paddleboard (Blue) w/ 83" Paddle

Stand up paddleboards like Maverix 12' Paddleboard (Blue) w/ 83" Paddle originated in the Hawaiian Islands and great for spending chill says paddle surfing. Stand up paddleboarding has grown phenomenally in the past few years as modern, light-weight materials have made it easier to transport and surf these large boards. The paddle boards can be used not only in traditional surfing settings, but also on still water like lakes or bays as a means of aerobic exercise. Many top surfers now use paddle boards to train when the surf is down. Also, beginners to surfing have found paddle boards a great way to be introduced to the sport of surfing as the paddle provides an additional means of support and balance. One can buy this Maverix 12' Paddleboard (Blue) w/ 83" Paddle for a price of $1,249.99.

Environmentally Friendly Surfboard - Ecoboard Concept by 2Imagine

An Environmentally Friendly Surfboard like this Ecoboard Concept by 2Imagine would make the most sense right... since surfing is all about being one with nature. The Ecoboard Concept by 2Imagine fits the green revolution of today and features a core that consists of polystyrene from old coffee cups or packages. The board is made of recycled material and is itself recyclable. The board does not suffer quality though as the core is quite functional as it is more durable than standard EPS-cores, doesn't take on water and is less vulnerable to scratches and holes. The Ecoboard is laminated with bamboo fibers and is more flexible and more resistant to damage than standard typical fiberglass. Yet another cool product for a cleaner world!