Monday, September 21, 2009


Reebol Hockey Sticks

The Reebok 9K O Stick is built with a unique O Technology which is said to generate more power than any other one piece hockey stick on the market. The Reebok O-Stick features power ports that increase stick speed and kick while also dramatically stabilizing the shaft. So this way you can put the maximum amount of energy transfer to the puck with every shot. It comes down to a harder, more precise shot. Every time.

The Reebok 9K O-Stick is built with O-Technology, which is basically a unique shaft with holes in the lower portion to increase stick speed, kick and stabilize the shaft. The O-Technology in the RBK 9K O-Stick will harnesses your power so you can deliver deadly, more precise shots to the best of your ability. Buy the Reebok 9K O-Stick for a price of $230 - 250 (US) and see for yourself why pros like Detroit Red Wings center Pavel Datsyuk use it!

Portable 22-Foot Backyard Ice Hockey Rink

Who has there own Backyard Ice Hockey Rink in their backyard? Well maybe pro hockey players, but now u can too. The Portable Backyard Ice Hockey Rink comes in 15-Foot, 19-Foot, 26-Foot, and 37-Foot versions and features a frame locking system, a patented rigid PVC frame to protect the liner, a vinyl liner to protect the grass underneath, and an included instructional video and vinyl repair kit. All you have to do is wait two to three days of consecutive freezing temperatures to get around 2.5 inches of ice and your set to play! This Portable Backyard Ice Hockey Rink should be around for a price of $350 - 400 (US). Do not pay more!

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  1. That Reebok hockey stick looks fabulous...Very stylish and extravagant...